Pakistan's nuclear stockpile could become world's third largest, says report
Indian soldiers kill four suspected rebels in India-administered Kashmir
India is the only external threat, says Pakistan military
Pakistan Govt yet to start registration of Afghans as outlined in NAP
India deploys army to stop caste-related violence in Gujarat
India's Haryana sets up all-women police stations

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South Asia Media Monitor

India: ‘Media facing curbs on freedom’

Is the declining coverage of legislatures by different media a symptom of the deteriorating relationship between the two seminal pillars of Indian democracy as it matures? Or are bigger questions related to restriction of free speech and what has gradually come to constitute “defamation” to blame? N. Ram, Chairman, Kasturi & Sons Ltd.; Harish Khare, Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune; Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal; and the entire 70-member Delhi Assembly examined these issues...

LHC prayed to order restoration of Geo TV on old numbers

On applications filed against non-restoration of Geo TV to its previous number in different cities of Punjab, Justice Ijazul Ahsan of Lahore High Court (LHC) has directed Deputy Attorney General (DAG) to seek reply from Pemra and inform the court on July 10 as to why the channel’s transmission had not been restored to the previous position on the cable after 15-day suspension and payment of fine. The court directed the DAG to get a specific answer from Pemra as to what action it took after...

Mr. Jinnah’s 11th August speech be made preamble of Constitution

Speakers at SAFMA seminar on “Mr. Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan” called upon the national leadership and the parliament to make Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of Pakistan as preamble of the constitution which he presented in his inaugural address to the constituent assembly on 11 August 1947. MNA Shafqat Mehmood, PTI, I.A. Rehman, Director HCRP, Editor Rashed Rahman, senior columnist Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi, Justice Nasira Javed Iqbal and Mr. Imtiaz Alam addressed the seminar moderated...

Memorandum of Association

1. Preamble The status of women in the countries of South Asia — under feudal traditions, chauvinist ideologies, patriarchal family and authoritarian traditions and structures—needs to be addressed. Women media persons also face discrimination on the basis of their gender, and share common concerns with other women that can be resolved by working together towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. The media have a great potential to promote gender equality by portraying women and...

Memorandum of Association

South Asia has seen an unprecedented media explosion over the past few years, but this has not been untrammelled growth. The region’s media face numerous obstacles and restrictions. Media freedom remains under threat in South Asia as corporate interests increasingly define both content and form. Journalists and media outlets are attacked for practising their profession in an independent manner. Media laws have not kept pace with the 21st century. The right to know and freedom of expression are...

Projects In-Progress

Eight researches to be published soon: 1.Human Security 2.Women in South Asia 3.Education in South Asia 4.Media in South Asia 5.Democracy, Ethnicity and Nation-Building 6.Militancy and Conflict 7.Pak-Afghan Relations 8.Minorities in South Asia

FMP Production Facility

The production facility is composed of the following units, which functions in concert with each other for the development, marketing and sales of products developed at the production facility. Creative unit Marketing unit HD Production Studio Training facility with studio and EFP Postproduction Unit Video conferencing and seminar setup Web broadcast for audio/video streams and FM radio trials The facility is developed with the objective of establishing channels for dissemination of an...

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