SAFMA, SAMC outraged as Pakistani journalist Hamid...

LAHORE: South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) and South Asia Media Commission (SAMC) have strongly condemned the attack on senior print and television journalist Hamid Mir...Read Full Story

SAFMA, SAMC outraged as Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir attacked
Lahore to host South Asian Labour Conference on April 24
Dalits pledge to lobby for representation at UN
Defence needs democracy, Sharif tells armed forces
Inter-caste couples to get perks in Nepal
Pakistan, India meet next week on easing trade

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Slain AFP reporter’s son discharged from hospital

The only surviving child of slain AFP reporter Sardar Ahmad has been discharged from hospital as he continues to recover from bullet wounds to his skull, chest and thigh. Abuzar Ahmad, who turns three next Monday, was wounded on March 20 in an attack on a Kabul hotel that killed his father, mother Homaira, sister Nilofar, 6, and brother Omar, 5. In total nine civilians were killed in the assault on the Serena hotel that came two weeks before Afghanistan’s presidential election, where millions...

Journalists fear crackdown in Bangladesh

Media workers here in Bangladesh’s capital fear that ever-greater restrictions are being imposed upon them by officials. Two Bengali daily newspapers and two television channels, all reportedly with links to the country’s opposition movement, have been shut down “temporarily” over the past year. Furthermore, as the government begins its second term in power, the ruling party has said that a National Broadcasting Policy for private television channels would soon be brought in to ensure “free...

Guide to rape reporting

Laws and voluntary guidelines representation of rape victims in media channels: With so many sexual assault and rape cases coming in to light every day and media coverage growing manifold, The Hoot has compiled the laws and guidelines for the journalists reporting such cases. Q. SHOULD A RAPE VICTIM BE IDENTIFIED? A. No. 1. Under the Indian Penal Code, it is an offence punishable with up to 2 years imprisonment, with or without a fine. Exceptions under IPC: [1] [nos. refer...

SAFMA National Conference VI: “Media and Extremist Narrative”

The participants of the Sixth SAFMA National Conference, including leading editors, anchors, reporters, columnists, and broadcasters, in their deliberations on “Media and Extremist Narrative” held on 28-29 December 2013 in Bhurban have resolved: Journalists in their largest gathering from all over Pakistan under the aegis of SAFMA call upon state institutions, governments and religious and political parties to stand up firmly against religious extremism and terrorism, promote tolerance and...

Memorandum of Association

1. Preamble The status of women in the countries of South Asia — under feudal traditions, chauvinist ideologies, patriarchal family and authoritarian traditions and structures—needs to be addressed. Women media persons also face discrimination on the basis of their gender, and share common concerns with other women that can be resolved by working together towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. The media have a great potential to promote gender equality by portraying women and...

Memorandum of Association

South Asia has seen an unprecedented media explosion over the past few years, but this has not been untrammelled growth. The region’s media face numerous obstacles and restrictions. Media freedom remains under threat in South Asia as corporate interests increasingly define both content and form. Journalists and media outlets are attacked for practising their profession in an independent manner. Media laws have not kept pace with the 21st century. The right to know and freedom of expression are...

Projects In-Progress

Eight researches to be published soon: 1.Human Security 2.Women in South Asia 3.Education in South Asia 4.Media in South Asia 5.Democracy, Ethnicity and Nation-Building 6.Militancy and Conflict 7.Pak-Afghan Relations 8.Minorities in South Asia

FMP Production Facility

The production facility is composed of the following units, which functions in concert with each other for the development, marketing and sales of products developed at the production facility. Creative unit Marketing unit HD Production Studio Training facility with studio and EFP Postproduction Unit Video conferencing and seminar setup Web broadcast for audio/video streams and FM radio trials The facility is developed with the objective of establishing channels for dissemination of an...

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